Recent Calls
Mon. Feb 8th 2021
Since 1-26-2021 Station 1 has responded to 3 different MVA's where the vehicles have left the roadway. Luckily only minor injuries in all MVA's. Please with the weather being bad slow down. Ro...
Sun. Jan 17th 2021
At 13:36 today Company 1 was dispatched on the building response on Roosevelt Dr. in Company 76 local. Telesqurt 1 responded and assumed first due Engine with nothing showing. Quint 33 and Eng 76 arri...
Sun. Sep 27th 2020
At 14:44 9/27 the box alarm was struck for the 700 block of School lane. Squad 1 responded and assumed first due Engine assignment. Crews found a small kitchen fire mostly contained to the oven. Crews...
Sun. Sep 27th 2020
At 05:44 Company 1 was dispatched for R1 to cover Station 4 Darby. Just prior to response the assignment was changed for Telesqurt 1 on the 2nd alarm assignment to responded to Golf Rd. Darby Borough ...
Sun. Aug 9th 2020
At 20:33 Company 1 was dispatched for the smoke investigation in the 1100 Block of Taylor Drive. While enroute fire board notified Squad 1 and Telesqurt 1 PD advising a car fire at Montgomery park ful...
News Headlines
Tue. May 25th 2021
Over the past 4 days Company 1 has been dispatched to 12 calls for emergencies and graduating 4 new fire 1 firefighters. Calls included 2 working building fires, Cover assignment, several AFA's, M...
Sat. May 22nd 2021
After months of training Kevin Synder, Angelo Zangare III, Ivan Vega and Ian Hornbaker have completed their Fire 1 class and are now interior fire fighters. Here are a few pictures from their final bu...
Mon. Apr 26th 2021
Over the Last 6 weekends 4 members from Station 1 and 14 others from Delaware County Companies completed Vehicle Rescue Certification. Here are a couple of pictures from the different days.Newly Certi...
Sun. Jan 17th 2021
Folcroft Fire company would like to Congratulate the 2021 Fire Line Officers and Business Officers. Thank You to Mayor Bob Frey for presiding over the ceremony.Chief-- Tom WeberDeputy Chief-- Matt Bat...
Mon. Jan 4th 2021
January company meetings will be SUNDAY 1/17/2021 Board meeting starts at 1pm Company meeting starts at 2 pm with food and refreshments to follow.
Luther-Sacks Winners

In 1979, the fire company began handing out an award at each year's banquet to an outstanding member of our Ambulance crew, Earl Luther and Robert Sacks. The award was named the "Luther-Sacks Award."  The award reads; "After the passing of two exemplary men in the field of ambulatory work in the service of the Folcroft Fire Company No.1, it seemed fitting in the eyes of the ambulance committee that an award be given in their behalf to a person or persons most deserving of such an award."  The award was discontinued after 2007, when staffing our Ambulance was outsourced to Fitzgerald Mercy Hospital EMTs.

Luther-Sacks Winners
1978George Nowery
1979Bernie David
1980Denise Parisano
1981John Hansken
1982George Nowery
1983Fran Britton
1984George Nowery
1985Bill Maffei
1986Ann Bushey
1987Carl Smith
1988Lisa Fulton
1989Joann Dickey
1990Jacqui McCauley
1991Gary Thompson
1992Tom Weber
1993Steve Knoell
1994Adrianne Bruce
1995Lisa Smith
1996Eugene T. Mackey
1997Christine Foglio
1998Mason Bendell
1999Krista Keller
2000Bill Matthews
2001Ron Cook
2002Stanley W. Billie
2003Carl Smith
2004Gabriella Roth
2005Dana DellaValla
2006Eugene T. Mackey
2007Whitney Matthews

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