Friday, October 27th, 2023
Quint and Squad 1 responded to a multi vehicle fire On Kaiser drive in Darby Twp. Crews arrived to multiple Armored ehicles on fire and exposure to several others including tanker trailers and several...
Friday, October 27th, 2023
Squad 1 and Rescue 1 responded on the first alarm to Chester Pike in Glenolden for an Apartment fire with entrapment. Squad 1 arrived 2nd due Engine and secured Engine 5 water supply. Crew from Squad ...
Company 1 was dispatched on the 1st alarm assignment. Squad 1 responded with 4. First arriving crews encountered heavy fire from the rear of both halves of the twin structure. Squad 1 crew assisted wi...
Saturday, April 8th, 2023
At Approx. 04:45 this morning Squad 1 was dispatched for an MVA with entrapment on MacDade Blvd in Glenolden. Squad 1 assisted Glenolden Fire Company Station 5 on an accident with entrapment. The driv...
Saturday, October 28th, 2023
Crews spent the day displaying trucks, selling raffle tickets and covering the fire works that concluded the event. Crews also respo0nded to an AFA in Darby Twp during the event.
Saturday, July 15th, 2023
Busy Saturday for Station 1. Crews were dispatched to 7 calls for service. 2 AFA's, 2 Wires arcing, 1 Assist EMS, 1 MVA with Injuries and a fuel spill. Pictures from MVA. Squad 1 responded to Ches...
Sunday, April 16th, 2023
After several months of training and tool mounting. Just after 18:00 on Saturday 4/15/2023 Folcroft Fire Company has placed Quint 1 in service. Quint 1 is a Short wheelbase 2022 Rosenbauer Commander C...
Saturday, April 8th, 2023
At Approx. 04:45 this morning Squad 1 was dispatched for an MVA with entrapment on MacDade Blvd in Glenolden. Squad 1 assisted Glenolden Fire Company Station 5 on an accident with entrapment. The driv...
Past Presidents/Chiefs

Presidents and Chiefs of the Folcroft Fire Company
1906E.T RiceC. Kurfess
1907E.T. RiceC. Kurfess & H. Keithler
1908E.T. RiceH. Keithler
1909E.T. RiceH. Morrison
1910E.T. RiceH. Morrison
1911E.T. RiceH. Morrison & R. Reigner
1912E.T. RiceW. Lafferty
1913E.T. RiceW. Lafferty
1914E.T. RiceW. Lafferty
1915E.T. RiceW. Lafferty
1916E.T. RiceW. Lafferty
1917E.T. RiceW. Lafferty
1918E.T. RiceW. Lafferty
1919E.T. RiceW. Lafferty
1920E.T. RiceW. Lafferty
1921E.T. RiceW. Lafferty
1922E.T. RiceW. Lafferty
1923H. RussellW. Lafferty
1924H. RussellW. Lafferty
1925T. RasmussenC. Freer
1926T. RasmussenR. Rasmussen
1927T. RasmussenR. Rasmussen
1928T. RasmussenR. Curtis
1929C. BrownR. Curtis
1930T. RasmussenR. Rasmussen
1931T. RasmussenR. Rasmussen
1932T. RasmussenR. Rasmussen
1933T. RasmussenR. Rasmussen
1934C. RizzoR. Rasmussen
1935A. GuldenR. Rasmussen
1936G. HoffmanR. Rasmussen
1937G. HoffmanC. Hamill
1938G. HoffmanC. Hamill
1939G. HoffmanC. Hamill
1940G. HoffmanC. Hamill
1941J. FenimoreC. Hamill
1942J. FenimoreH. Schwamb
1943E. SimmonsH. Schwamb
1944E. SimmonsH. Schwamb
1945F. LoveH. Schwamb
1946F. LoveW. Cook, Jr.
1947S. ShullW. Cook, Jr.
1948S. ShullW. Cook, Jr.
1949E. CraigH. King
1950E. CraigH. King
1951J. CooperH. King
1952R. PalmerP. McVey
1953R. PalmerP. McVey
1954R. TaylorW. Cook, Jr.
1955R. TaylorW. Cook, Jr.
1956R. TaylorW. Cook, Jr.
1957R. TaylorW. Boerner
1958J. HurstW. Cook, III
1959J. HurstW. Cook, III
1960H. KingW. Boerner
1961H. KingW. Boerner
1962W. Cook, Jr.W. Boerner
1963C. Burns, Jr.G. Nowery
1964C. Burns, Jr.G. Nowery
1965C. Burns, Jr.G. Nowery
1966W. BoernerR. Cook
1967W. BoernerR. Cook
1968W. BoernerR. Cook
1969T. ColletiH. Hornberger
1970T. ColletiF. Williams
1971T. ColletiJ. Reedy
1972T. ColletiJ. Reedy
1973T. ColletiJ. Reedy
1974T. ColletiJ. Reedy
1975T. ColletiJ. Reedy
1976T. ColletiM. Gauthier
1977R. CookR. Thompson
1978R. CookR. Thompson
1979R. CookR. Thompson
1980W. BoernerS. Billie
1981J. ReedyS. Billie
1982F. Foglio, Sr.S. Billie
1983R. CookS. Billie
1984R. CookS. Billie
1985F. Foglio, Sr.S. Billie
1986F. Foglio, Sr.B. David
1987F. Foglio, Sr.B. David
1988D. UlrichB. David
1989D. UlrichB. David
1990D. UlrichB. David
1991D. UlrichD. Cook
1992R. Thompson, Jr.D. Cook
1993D. UlrichD. Cook
1994N. DeLucaB. David
1995F. Foglio, Sr.B. David
1996F. Foglio, Sr.F. Foglio, Jr.
1997F. Foglio, Sr.F. Foglio, Jr.
1998F. Foglio, Sr.F. Foglio, Jr.
1999F. Foglio, Sr.F. Foglio, Jr.
2000F. Foglio, Sr.F. Foglio, Jr.
2001R. CookW. Matthews
2002G. AltmanW. Matthews
2003W. KesserW. Matthews
2004W. KesserJ. Billie
2005W. KesserJ. Billie & S. Cortese
2006W. KesserS. Billie
2007W. KesserS. Billie
2008D. UlrichW. Matthews
2009D. UlrichW. Matthews
2010D. UlrichT. Weber, Sr.
2011D. UlrichT. Weber, Sr.
2012D. UlrichT. Weber, Sr.
2013D. UlrichT. Weber, Sr.
2014D. UlrichT. Weber, Sr.
2015D. UlrichT. Weber, Sr
2016A. ZangareT. Weber, Sr.
2017A. ZangareT. Weber, Sr..
2018A. ZangareT. Weber, Sr.
2019A. ZangareT. Weber Sr.
2020F. Foglio Sr.T. Weber Sr.
2021F. Foglio Sr.T. Weber Sr.


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